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On a good day if you asked me if I cooked, I would tell you one of two tales: The time I attempted eggplant parmesan and had to leave my apartment because I couldn’t see the fellow a foot away from me. It was wretched. I might have snapped at the waitress and refused to look at […]

chili cookoff


One of my favorite foods might be chili, but I have two problems: I don’t eat meat I loathe beans So I can never really eat chili unless I cook it–which let’s be honest, cooking for one is just no fun. But I am on a mission to cook more, and so on this cold […]

coming out


So I finally did it. Yep. I came out to my family. I started with my grandmother, then my sister and then I finally told my dad last week…via email. Oddly enough, no one was surprised. It went fairly smoothly and they all said they knew it was coming. I am just nervous for when […]