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guess who?


Growing up, I was always the kind of girl that wanted to be “a girl” when I played games. But there was one game that was never the case. You see, while I like my gender and like “pretty characters,” I also have an infatuation with winning. And as a young girl, I knew you […]

Awkward sex is a given. It is bound to happen. But there I sat with my best friend (only a computer screen separating us) watching a lot of awkward sex during the pilot of Girls. Everyone had said such wonderful things about the show, so we continued watching as the awkward unfolded. We continued watching as the […]

I’ve been thinking. Dangerous past time, I know. Gender roles are slowly increasing in importance in my life as of late. It might have something to do with living in San Francisco, and working in both a “gender neutral” building and an all-male freshmen hall with an all-male staff. The role of women has always […]