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“So, if LinkedIn and Twitter have replaced the fax machine of 10 years ago, what might a resume look like a decade from now?” CNN raised this question a couple of days ago. I am in a class, and we are debating on how we should present ourselves in the “social world,” and we are […]

CNN posted an article today that just has me, well, pondering. It’s simple to say that the world we live in today was nothing like the world our parents grew up in or our grandparents (and the list goes on). But does that make it worse? At the end of the day, that’s what everyone […]

  Please, let it not be a secret to any of you that I think instagram is as wonderful as sliced cheese….or is it bread? I forget. But nonetheless, here is an app that creates a unique experience for any amateur that wants to feel like something more. For any Tom, Dick or Harry that wants to […]

There was once a time when instructors looked at us and told us Social Media was a fad. There wasn’t a place in the classroom for it. And there certainly wasn’t a need for it in our lives. But as I continue the internship/job search, I look at the outlets I am “engaged in.” Now, […]

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Remember the days when you had a diary that you kept between your mattress with a little padlock (by little I mean ridiculously unlockable) that you whispered your secrets into before bed? Those tales of the boys you crushed on (we know there were many) or your brother who pestered or the grades you dreamed of. Perhaps […]

Do you think Pulitzer should create an award specifically for the use of new reporting tools? Mashable asked this in an article about how social media has penetrated the newsroom. We could go into great details about the importance of the award and how it could motivate young journalists to “be all that they can […]

A few weeks ago, my sister commands me to get “Draw Something,” and so I do. I figure it is one of those games she will get me to play and then quickly lose interest in. But she doesn’t. This game consumes our days, much like it consumes about 20 million users. But what is […]

My senior year of college, a friend and I had the pleasure of presenting “the future of journalism theory.” For this, we had a video and an accompanying slideshow presentation. Basically, the presentation looked at the point of transition we were at. Social media was still relatively new and the world journalism was scared. They saw traditional mediums […]

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I remember sitting in my senior-level PR class when my instructor stood up and uttered a phrase I am not convinced I had EVER heard before: social media. I remember watching everyone slowly turn away and stop listening while he spoke about this strange new phenomenon. I remember students saying, “what does this have to do […]



The question concerning newsworthiness has crossed my desk multiple times in the past couple of weeks. So often, in fact, that I have deemed it worthy of taking time out of classwork, Facebook and the social scene to discuss it with you here at “Be Frank.” As a journalist I am trained that news must […]