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This just in: sex is the leading cause of pregnancy throughout the US. Research is still being collected for the remaining nations, but scientists are confident that the results will remain consistent throughout the continents. As we begin to look at the upcoming epidemic facing the nation, it is essential that we take this new […]

An apple was once considered the forbidden fruit, but sadly, the banana could have caused the fall of Adam and Eve. So, I am leaving breakfast with a banana. Why I have the banana is of no importance to the story, but I thought I wanted to eat it. Well, I was walking to the […]

feeling frisky


It is dark outside. I am sitting alone at a table watching the merchandise knowing no one is going to stop by, but knowing there is no where else at the event I wish to be. So I sit. Alone. A man approaches and begins to make small talk. I like small talk, so I […]