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another tale


I am a sucker for a good story. And if you give me a good sappy love story, I just get giddy. But so often I feel that I spend more time with other people’s stories and forget to make my own. And I think a lot of us are like that. We spend time perusing Facebook […]

This weekend, I had the true pleasure of dabbling on set. The bestie needed a DIT,  and so I filled the shoes for the weekend. Granted, I didn’t know what DIT meant. I decided it meant Director of Information Technology. It doesn’t. It means Digital Information Technician. Basically, I handled all the video footage. It’s pretty cool. It […]

13.1 Update


That’s right. I did it. This Easter with country music BLARING, I slipped into my neon pink running shoes and brand-spankin’-new running gear and ran a 13.1 (half marathon) across the Golden Gate Bridge. And it was fabulous. Are there things I would do differently when I do it again? Of course! Would I change […]



Growing up in the South, I understand rain. Oh yes. We get that big fat juicy rain that just “plops” as it hits your face. There is no such thing as walking outside and being “kind of wet.” Oh no. We go all the way. Again, growing up in the South, I didn’t understand that […]

I truly enjoy the batman movies. They are grand-a-licious! And in them, they are often saying the phrase, “cleaning the streets of Gotham City.” With that being said, I highly doubt batman ever took a broom to the fancier neighborhoods in Gotham (and again, I might be wrong). It was definitely a disappointment this morning, […]

San Francisco


In San Francisco, there are two worlds, two views. As a visitor or new comer, your eyes are fixated up. You see the magnificant architecture. You see the array of sleek modern skyscrapers among the older Victorian masterpieces. Your view is entirely static. True, you might see the occassional cluster of fog, but really… That […]



I had the greatest of intentions of making this post about my first few days in San Francisco, but that post will have to wait. You see, I have this blog that I follow without fail. No, it is not RSS’d or anything like that…mainly because I don’t completely understand how to do that and […]