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“There’s no unselfish good deed.”-Joey Tribbiani Joey doesn’t always say “smart” things on the show, Friends, but this time around he really found something worth looking at. I had the beautiful opportunity to work with SF Community Clean Team–an organization that I fail to hide my slight distaste for. See, one of my job requirements […]

the ecolab man


There is one man who throughout the past year has been very dear to my heart: the ecolab man. Our friendship began my first month as a graduate assistant (now renamed to senior resident assistant) in the housing office. I was in my office doing Lord knows what, when this man comes to the door. […]

Someone at some point has asked us that infamous question. And chances are high, we cringed at the curiosity. Partly because we don’t want to share, we don’t like the person asking, perhaps we don’t know ourselves, or maybe because we simply lack the ability to express our thoughts. But yet we ask. The questions […]

We have a saying around the housing office that I completely don’t understand. But nonetheless, it continues on like the energizer bunny. But as we close down our buildings, and I look to the next semester as my last semester in the housing office…IĀ reminisceĀ on some entertaining lessons I have learned thus far as an RA: […]