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So often we talk about passion and how passion can change the way we do things. It’s pretty magical stuff–that “P” word. Passion can be anything. It can be music or running or glitter. Whatever floats your fancy. But when passion becomes super awesome, is when it literally takes you places. And that’s what is […]

I have talked before about looking for passion or the things I am passionate about. For those unaware, my move to San Francisco meant more than just “starting a new chapter.” It also meant leaving the things I adored behind. For one reason or another, they just didn’t “travel well.” And so I have spent […]

I was asked again today where my passions lie. And, again, I sat dumbfounded. So tonight, I have stayed awake trying to figure it out. And so I have created a list for your enjoyment: Writing: Someday I hope to write for The New Yorker (now to just find something to write about) Equality: In […]

the ecolab man


There is one man who throughout the past year has been very dear to my heart: the ecolab man. Our friendship began my first month as a graduate assistant (now renamed to senior resident assistant) in the housing office. I was in my office doing Lord knows what, when this man comes to the door. […]

a professional


A simplified definition of a “professional” would basically being paid to do something. You could get more complex with the definition, but all in all, that’s what it means. Hell, for kicks and giggles, we can even add in the idea of it being a trade you practice at. So with that, I am a […]

bigger dreams


A wise man once told me, “find something you love to do & do it well enough that someone pays you to do it.” And so I did. I adore writing and photography and bassooning. And so for years, that’s what I did. With the bassoon, I traveled the world both literally and musically. I […]



There are MANY words in the world that scare the shit outta me: commitment, marriage…well, you get the idea. But today I was asked about my “passion” (for the multiple week in a row), and I finally had to look at the fellow wide-eyed and say, “I don’t know.” And then it hit me. Much […]

When I first met my new boss, we discussed different ice breakers we could do with our new staff. And there was one I really liked. It was this idea of a timeline detailing three important dates of our lives. And so, for a while now I have been thinking of those dates, and I […]

julie & julia


Passion is a subject that broaches my writing a lot. It is something I strive for in my day-to-day regime. I want so badly to do as someone I once knew once said, “find something I love doing, and then find someone to pay me for it.” Now if you have spent any small amount […]

I have spent the day staring at the computer waiting for the inspiration to attack the piles of work that flood my desk.   I enjoy the conversations of dear friends and read musings from true writers and wonder if could ever write as well. I have problems finding the words to say and knowing […]