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another bully


“On the exterior, she was so tough and strong…[but] we’re all breakable.” October is Bully Awareness Month. I could tell you about the statistics of folks who don’t feel safe at school or at home or in their neighborhoods. But I won’t. Instead, I ask you this question: As our new generation grows and develops, […]

eat mor chikn


There has been a huff and bellow about Chick-fil-A lately. Hell, it seems everyone has his or her panties in a wad about some chicken. For those unaware, a chicken sandwich “is fast becoming the culinary symbol of one of the country’s major social issues.” You see, the CEO publicly declared his thoughts and opinions about […]

I was asked again today where my passions lie. And, again, I sat dumbfounded. So tonight, I have stayed awake trying to figure it out. And so I have created a list for your enjoyment: Writing: Someday I hope to write for The New Yorker (now to just find something to write about) Equality: In […]

Someone at some point has asked us that infamous question. And chances are high, we cringed at the curiosity. Partly because we don’t want to share, we don’t like the person asking, perhaps we don’t know ourselves, or maybe because we simply lack the ability to express our thoughts. But yet we ask. The questions […]

finding a cause


Since I was a little girl, I have been interested in “the bigger picture” and equality. I have grown up in a time where I am told a lot of things. I am told about freedom and how my ancestors fought to be free. I am told about equality, and how women before me burned […]