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the naked dream


There is that one dream almost everyone has experienced…or at least heard of. Oh yes, we are talking about the “being naked in school” dream. That was me yesterday. The ENTIRE day, but especially during my night class. I wasn’t literally naked in the “not wearing clothes sense,” but mentally I was naked. Something very […]

I cannot help but excitedly channel that little blue fish from Finding Nemo. Dori, I believe is her name. Her little wonderfulness swimming as though there were nothing easier annoyingly encouraging her new-found friend to do the same. But here I am, like a little child once again struggling to squeeze into a swimsuit as […]

butt sore


I never want to look back at who I am today and say, “Man, I wish I was like that again.” I say this not necessarily because I don’t like who I am or where I am going, but rather I hope to actually go somewhere and be someone. Today I realized that journey is […]

“Cinderella walked on broken glass, Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass, Belle fell in love with a hideous Beast, Jasmine married a common thief, Ariel walked on land for love and life, Snow White barely escaped a knife. It was all about blood, sweat and tears because love means facing your biggest fears.” I […]