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I have talked before about looking for passion or the things I am passionate about. For those unaware, my move to San Francisco meant more than just “starting a new chapter.” It also meant leaving the things I adored behind. For one reason or another, they just didn’t “travel well.” And so I have spent […]

13.1 Update


That’s right. I did it. This Easter with country music BLARING, I slipped into my neon pink running shoes and brand-spankin’-new running gear and ran a 13.1 (half marathon) across the Golden Gate Bridge. And it was fabulous. Are there things I would do differently when I do it again? Of course! Would I change […]



I have decided that the best things in life begin with a crazy-ass, half-concocted idea. Examples of such ideas? My skydiving adventure. My moving to San Francisco. My running a 13.1. Oh yes, I said a 13.1. For those unaware of my running ambitions. I used to run. Honestly, it is the only form of […]