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another tale


I am a sucker for a good story. And if you give me a good sappy love story, I just get giddy. But so often I feel that I spend more time with other people’s stories and forget to make my own. And I think a lot of us are like that. We spend time perusing Facebook […]



Apparently my fears described in earlier posts were nothing to be concerned about. As indicated by this post, I have survived graduation. It wasn’t too bad. I got hugs from the dean, provost and president–that was pretty cool and my favorite part. The whole ceremony is kind of a blur. But it is the “after […]

Graduation is right around the corner, pending I pass my classes. And I am terrified. I don’t think my friends or classmates understand or comprehend my fear. I am not afraid of the future and the challenges to come. I am not afraid to begin gradschool or close this chapter of my life. I am […]

“Google it” has become a phrase often over used and often times said in jest among my coworkers.  But as I progress beyond midterms and look at the bigger goal-graduation-I begin to ponder the bigger meaning behind those two simple words.   To finish this column, please visit The Current Sauce.