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pillow games


Run-of-the-mill pillow talk no longer cuts it in the bedroom. Oh no. The world has moved to “pillow gaming”…or so says a CNET article. So what does that mean for gamers, advertisers or our bedfellows? GAMERS: “Mobile gaming is not a companion to consoles, but rather it’s attacking them on their home turf: the couch, […]

A few weeks ago, my sister commands me to get “Draw Something,” and so I do. I figure it is one of those games she will get me to play and then quickly lose interest in. But she doesn’t. This game consumes our days, much like it consumes about 20 million users. But what is […]

Experience vs Behavior. –That became the core of a conversation in game class last week. It began very simply with the instructor showing us a video from the game conference held in San Francisco earlier in the month. In the video, the speaker explained how all of these “older devices” such as video cameras, disk […]

As an aspiring strategist, many folks have been asking the infamous question: Why are you in a game design class? And the more they know about me, and the more they know about my lack of skills related to video games, they ask it with a little more emphasis. There are a lot of things […]