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guess who?


Growing up, I was always the kind of girl that wanted to be “a girl” when I played games. But there was one game that was never the case. You see, while I like my gender and like “pretty characters,” I also have an infatuation with winning. And as a young girl, I knew you […]

I was asked again today where my passions lie. And, again, I sat dumbfounded. So tonight, I have stayed awake trying to figure it out. And so I have created a list for your enjoyment: Writing: Someday I hope to write for The New Yorker (now to just find something to write about) Equality: In […]

the vagina


va vaa vagina. VA-GI-NA. VAGINA. Now that we got one of the potentially most awkward words in the dictionary out in the open, we can start talking about. And not just it, but women and sexuality. Go ahead, take a moment. Soak it in. Go ahead and say it out loud once or twice just for good […]

Last night I went out with some friends for Halloween. All decked out in my witches costume (veil, hat and all), a girl friend looks at me and says, “This is the only time you will ever wear a veil!” Now, if unaware of our friendship dynamic or my views on marriage, it sounds like […]

finding a cause


Since I was a little girl, I have been interested in “the bigger picture” and equality. I have grown up in a time where I am told a lot of things. I am told about freedom and how my ancestors fought to be free. I am told about equality, and how women before me burned […]