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guess who?


Growing up, I was always the kind of girl that wanted to be “a girl” when I played games. But there was one game that was never the case. You see, while I like my gender and like “pretty characters,” I also have an infatuation with winning. And as a young girl, I knew you […]



Apparently my fears described in earlier posts were nothing to be concerned about. As indicated by this post, I have survived graduation. It wasn’t too bad. I got hugs from the dean, provost and president–that was pretty cool and my favorite part. The whole ceremony is kind of a blur. But it is the “after […]

“Google it” has become a phrase often over used and often times said in jest among my coworkers.  But as I progress beyond midterms and look at the bigger goal-graduation-I begin to ponder the bigger meaning behind those two simple words.   To finish this column, please visit The Current Sauce.

Your heart is pounding. Your ears are ringing. Sweat drips from your brow as you gasp for breath. You know that if you can just push through the pain that it will all cease. You know that if you can just make it a few more steps that the hurt will go away and everything will […]