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In my first account planning class, our instructor gave us a word (mine was dreams) and told us to create a pecha kucha. Now, before you go “pecha wha?”…a pecha kucha is a 20-slide presentation style that gives 20 second per slide. So after much deliberation over my “word,” I present my pecha kucha. Advertisements

So. Today is your lucky day. Today I am going to share a secret with you. I know, how much of a secret is it when I post it on my blog, right? But you see, only like 10 people read my blog. So I feel confident that my secret could actually be safe. I […]

Why do people insist on reminding you your mother is dead? It seems like a crass question, but it is one that has surfaced a few times lately. I understand I am kinda in denial, but trust me…I don’t need you to bring me back to “reality.” One of these days, I might just scream, […]