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Your heart is pounding. Your ears are ringing. Sweat drips from your brow as you gasp for breath.¬†You know that if you can just push through the pain that it will all cease. You know that if you can just make it a few more steps that the hurt will go away and everything will […]

There is something about sitting in the middle of Turpin Stadium that undoubtedly manages to make all my life frustrations melt away. Perhaps there is something behind the saying, “home is where your heart is.” Perhaps there is something about Turpin Stadium that brings things to life.It is no secret that school spirit is muted […]

Some states fight to end the death penalty. But as Comedian Ron White said, in my state (Texas), they are putting in an express lane. There are things in life you can’t undo. You cannot bring someone back from the dead. You can’t erase pen. You can’t remove the damage of a fire. To continue […]

One. Two. Three. It doesn’t matter what floor of Kyser I’m on. I always count the third stall from the end when I use the bathroom. It is so pathetic that I even get upset when the stall is occupied or out of order or missing toilet paper so I need to use a different […]

“The Peveto Promise” echoes across Natchitoches as season ticket holders renew their seats. But as the saying goes, a promise is only as good as the man who makes it. Bradley Dale Peveto, new football head coach, returns home to the Demons after an 11-year hiatus. To continue reading, please visit

We are taught throughout childhood to shoot for the stars. As I wake up late for my last first day of classes, those words of wisdom don’t pass my mind. I run across campus murmuring, “oh shit!” under my breath and hope that the instructor is running a little late as well. For the rest […]