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Me and the kitchen aren’t always besties, but we have our moments. The roomie and I have been talking about our traditional Christmas dinners since we, well, missed ours this year. So I told her how mom would cook creamed onions and taters and candied sweet potatoes. And not just candied, but covered in marshmallows. […]

On a good day if you asked me if I cooked, I would tell you one of two tales: The time I attempted eggplant parmesan and had to leave my apartment because I couldn’t see the fellow a foot away from me. It was wretched. I might have snapped at the waitress and refused to look at […]

Good ol’ fashion Southern cooking. For those who have experienced the absolute bliss, I needn’t say more. But for those of you who have yet to let your taste buds enjoy ultimate pleasure, let me explain: there is nothing Southern women do better than cooking, except for maybe cooking as a means to comfort. Now […]