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new perspective


This summer I have the opportunity to work with some fabulously creative minds. Frankly, I am stoked. Our director has collaborated a group of professionals (who frankly, kind of rock) and about 20 students have signed up for an immense challenge. In preparation for this course, a fellow classmate posted a video that just seems to sum […]

We live in a magical world. We don’t need genies or magic lamps. Forget the witch’s brew or the hocus pocus. Oh no. We live in a world where the magic is truly at our fingertips. And with simply our fingertips, we can travel the world. Pretty damn awesome. No? I thought so, and then […]

So, I am in class last night sweating anxious bullets. You see, it’s “finals” time (whatever that means), and we have our LAST presentation for the semester in my AP2 class. Well, as an added treat, our instructor has invited some of his industry friends to watch (& critique) our final presentations. Super exciting? Right!? […]

dirty laundry


Remember the days when you had a diary that you kept between your mattress with a little padlock (by little I mean ridiculously unlockable) that you whispered your secrets into before bed? Those tales of the boys you crushed on (we know there were many) or your brother who pestered or the grades you dreamed of. Perhaps […]

pillow games


Run-of-the-mill pillow talk no longer cuts it in the bedroom. Oh no. The world has moved to “pillow gaming”…or so says a CNET article. So what does that mean for gamers, advertisers or our bedfellows? GAMERS: “Mobile gaming is not a companion to consoles, but rather it’s attacking them on their home turf: the couch, […]

Do you think Pulitzer should create an award specifically for the use of new reporting tools? Mashable asked this in an article about how social media has penetrated the newsroom. We could go into great details about the importance of the award and how it could motivate young journalists to “be all that they can […]

A few weeks ago, my sister commands me to get “Draw Something,” and so I do. I figure it is one of those games she will get me to play and then quickly lose interest in. But she doesn’t. This game consumes our days, much like it consumes about 20 million users. But what is […]

Experience vs Behavior. –That became the core of a conversation in game class last week. It began very simply with the instructor showing us a video from the game conference held in San Francisco earlier in the month. In the video, the speaker explained how all of these “older devices” such as video cameras, disk […]

working moms


To begin, let me just say I am in absolute lust with Tina Fey. And this lust formed after reading her book, Bossypants. While the book is spectacular, there is one segment that I turn to for this post, and sneak peak of this can be seen in the article she wrote for The New […]