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another tale


I am a sucker for a good story. And if you give me a good sappy love story, I just get giddy. But so often I feel that I spend more time with other people’s stories and forget to make my own. And I think a lot of us are like that. We spend time perusing Facebook […]



Not sure how to say it. It is so difficult. Two simple words we say everyday, but knowing that in just a few moments they are permanent have them caught in the back of my throat. It is easy to say goodbye when you know hello is in the not-so-distant future…but to say goodbye not […]

grown up


So I never thought there would be a day where my father would introduce himself to my friends by his first name. Growing up it was always, “Hello Mr. Frank, Goodbye Mr. Frank, Thank you Mr. Frank.” But no. My last night in Natchitoches, my dad joined some friends and I for a drink. I […]

two more weeks


Two more weeks and then my life changes completely. Two more weeks and I am leaving my home of the past three years and heading on a new adventure. First to visit the family and some hometown friends, and then I am boarding a plane that will take me on the biggest journey ever. I […]