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“There’s no unselfish good deed.”-Joey Tribbiani Joey doesn’t always say “smart” things on the show, Friends, but this time around he really found something worth looking at. I had the beautiful opportunity to work with SF Community Clean Team–an organization that I fail to hide my slight distaste for. See, one of my job requirements […]

This just in: sex is the leading cause of pregnancy throughout the US. Research is still being collected for the remaining nations, but scientists are confident that the results will remain consistent throughout the continents. As we begin to look at the upcoming epidemic facing the nation, it is essential that we take this new […]

“So, if LinkedIn and Twitter have replaced the fax machine of 10 years ago, what might a resume look like a decade from now?” CNN raised this question a couple of days ago. I am in a class, and we are debating on how we should present ourselves in the “social world,” and we are […]

new perspective


This summer I have the opportunity to work with some fabulously creative minds. Frankly, I am stoked. Our director has collaborated a group of professionals (who frankly, kind of rock) and about 20 students have signed up for an immense challenge. In preparation for this course, a fellow classmate posted a video that just seems to sum […]

This spring, I had the pleasure of taking Game Theory & Level Design. During the class I had the opportunity to explore a lot of things within the game realm from the magic behind WOW to the strength behind Halo to the wisdom behind creating my own levels. Here is a video of a platforming […]

finding a cause


Since I was a little girl, I have been interested in “the bigger picture” and equality. I have grown up in a time where I am told a lot of things. I am told about freedom and how my ancestors fought to be free. I am told about equality, and how women before me burned […]