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I was asked again today where my passions lie. And, again, I sat dumbfounded. So tonight, I have stayed awake trying to figure it out. And so I have created a list for your enjoyment: Writing: Someday I hope to write for The New Yorker (now to just find something to write about) Equality: In […]

new perspective


This summer I have the opportunity to work with some fabulously creative minds. Frankly, I am stoked. Our director has collaborated a group of professionals (who frankly, kind of rock) and about 20 students have signed up for an immense challenge. In preparation for this course, a fellow classmate posted a video that just seems to sum […]

It doesn’t take much to excite me. As already explained today, I am a generally simple person. And one thing that I ADORE is mail. You want to be the light of my life? Put something in my mailbox. True story. I like the idea of getting mail, sending mail, the works. (I am just […]

As an aspiring strategist, many folks have been asking the infamous question: Why are you in a game design class? And the more they know about me, and the more they know about my lack of skills related to video games, they ask it with a little more emphasis. There are a lot of things […]

times get tough


We live in a very “me” society.–No secret there. But yesterday, while chatting with my Aunt, I realized there is so much pain outside of my little room in the city. And it affects us all in very different drastic ways. It’s easy to look strictly at your bubble and see the highs and the […]

bigger dreams


A wise man once told me, “find something you love to do & do it well enough that someone pays you to do it.” And so I did. I adore writing and photography and bassooning. And so for years, that’s what I did. With the bassoon, I traveled the world both literally and musically. I […]

tis the season


As you have undoubtably heard a few hundred times over, Halloween seems to mark the beginning of the Christmas season. And as folks hang their lights and stores prepare their trees, I sit dumbfounded at the amazement. I remember when I was younger. I used to adore the Christmas season. The lights and the carols […]

Dear Captain, We met just briefly, and I realize how insane this sounds, but I don’t think we were meant to say g’bye just yet. Circumstances were odd and for you, not that great, but I saw something in you that I don’t see in many men. And as I continue through this past week, […]

finding a cause


Since I was a little girl, I have been interested in “the bigger picture” and equality. I have grown up in a time where I am told a lot of things. I am told about freedom and how my ancestors fought to be free. I am told about equality, and how women before me burned […]