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The trend this season? A giant boost of confidence. They are going to see you coming and remember you long after you’ve gone. Oh yes, neon is bright, fabulous, delightful. Neon is back. A bit more demure this time around, neon combines all the fun and flirty while maintaining a hint of class. A statement […]

Rolling in at 9 pounds, 9 ounces and only 20 inches long, Sean Anthony Jackson of Van Alstyne, Texas, entered into the happiest home filled with extended cuddly naps, bubbles, fishing, and lots and lots of sports. This little monkey was the center of absolute delight, and he brought enormous joy anywhere he went. And […]

In my first account planning class, our instructor gave us a word (mine was dreams) and told us to create a pecha kucha. Now, before you go “pecha wha?”…a pecha kucha is a 20-slide presentation style that gives 20 second per slide. So after much deliberation over my “word,” I present my pecha kucha.

The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training will partner with the Cane River Creole National Historical Park and the Cane River National Heritage Area to host a Preservation Community Fair. To finish this post, please visit NCPTT’s website.

I was convinced preservation and heritage values were for the elitists. They were things far beyond my grasp that required a doctorate to participate or even comprehend. Granted, those things might help with understanding some of the extensive terminology that is often tossed around the Park Service office where I currently intern, but they are […]

“Google it” has become a phrase often over used and often times said in jest among my coworkers.  But as I progress beyond midterms and look at the bigger goal-graduation-I begin to ponder the bigger meaning behind those two simple words.   To finish this column, please visit The Current Sauce.

So often fans get wrapped up in the heat of the game, the thrill of a touchdown and the intoxication of a good cheer.  It becomes this momentum and before anyone realizes it, they have become part of the game. They join the players in screaming at the ref during a bad call. They join […]

There is a small farm with a pig, a chicken and a cow.They were all very happy and pleased with everything that their farmer had done for them, so they decided to make him breakfast. They all chipped in whatever they could. The cow gave her milk, the chicken gave her eggs and the pig […]

Sometimes the needs of a heritage group extend beyond the simple need to convey information. Blogs and Facebook fan pages allow limited interactivity. But for groups whose members are intensely passionate about a topic, a free social networking site like Ning could be the way to go. So what is Ning, and who is using it […]

Folks have approached me in the past few weeks saying that I have “generalized the male gender” and that I am “biased,” that I’m a “man hater” and everything else of the related sort based on my thoughts in my previous column: “Be Frank: Call for Prince Charming.”   To finish reading this column, please […]