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pretty woman


Oh pretty woman… Once hearing that song or seeing the movie, very few women don’t dream of that moment when they walk down the street as that infamous chorus echoes in the backdrop, while their hair flutters in the breeze and their eyes twinkle just right at the slightest glimmer of the sun. And that’s […]

This just in: sex is the leading cause of pregnancy throughout the US. Research is still being collected for the remaining nations, but scientists are confident that the results will remain consistent throughout the continents. As we begin to look at the upcoming epidemic facing the nation, it is essential that we take this new […]

This spring, I had the pleasure of taking Game Theory & Level Design. During the class I had the opportunity to explore a lot of things within the game realm from the magic behind WOW to the strength behind Halo to the wisdom behind creating my own levels. Here is a video of a platforming […]

The trend this season? A giant boost of confidence. They are going to see you coming and remember you long after you’ve gone. Oh yes, neon is bright, fabulous, delightful. Neon is back. A bit more demure this time around, neon combines all the fun and flirty while maintaining a hint of class. A statement […]