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pretty woman


Oh pretty woman… Once hearing that song or seeing the movie, very few women don’t dream of that moment when they walk down the street as that infamous chorus echoes in the backdrop, while their hair flutters in the breeze and their eyes twinkle just right at the slightest glimmer of the sun. And that’s […]

So there are moments when I feel I could define “bad ass.” But this morning, “bad ass” was redefined by Felix Baumgartner, RedBull’s official bad ass (aka their daredevil). This morning Felix broke the record of highest freefall. Oh yes, he made a 120,000-foot skydive jump…FROM SPACE. Take a moment and look here for more information (would […]

We talk about brand image a lot within advertising. As a brand strategist, your goal is often to find the nugget that rings true and work to ensure that it is fulfill through everything the brand does.   And when you do it right, it resonates and amplifies truly personifying a brand much like when […]

I stumbled upon this lawsuit the other day between DISH Network and some TV studios. Now, with the power of Google, I encourage you to find out the results of the suit and whatever other details that float your fancy. But for this post, I would like to take a gander at what this really […]