I work in bed (usually pantsless). I loathe wearing shoes, but am getting used to this idea that it is a social expectation.

I talk really fast in general. It gets worse when I am excited or nervous. Speaking of excited—beware, I hit. It’s the like the excitement erupts out of me and just doesn’t have a better place to go. So if you are an arms length away (or an arms length plus a step), you have been warned.

I like coffee…a lot. But lately I remove it from my diet for weeks to months. I try to do it to “be a better person,” but then I remember…I am not.

I try to cook. By try, I mean I order take out most nights or invite friends over to do it for me. I do have some great luck in the kitchen on some occasions. But there are SOOOO many other times where it ends horrible. Usually with me or my dinner burnt.

I also recently started getting into games. I would say I play them, but that is an insult to gamers out there. But I try. That’s what counts…right? Besides, I am more interested in the strategy behind the game. I am convinced there’s a magic something there…

OH! And anything neon or coated in glitter lights my life. Literally. I aspire to be a sparkling neon skittle when I run. And when I find that outfit, world…look out!

So…I am a lot of things, but at the core I am a storyteller. And that’s what you are bound to find here. A LOT of stories.

Some are short. Some are long. Some, well, you will see.


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