if the shoe fits


I am a sucker for a good love story. I adore hearing about how the girl became a princess and is swept off her feet by her one true love.

But then I have the urge to vomit when I watch movies like Cinderella or Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. Yes. The same tales I adore make me physically ill.

And simply because they feature the damsel in distress and teach girls that they need to be weak to be desired.

This photo belongs to The New Yorker and is part of the article, "If The Shoe Fits" by Michael Schulman

This photo belongs to The New Yorker and is part of the article, “If The Shoe Fits” by Michael Schulman

The New Yorker changed that today. Today they told a tale about a shoe designer, who literally created Cinderella’ slipper. And man. I dream of the moment I can see that shoe encrusted with crystals that change colors in the light as she dances.

Yet I digress.

You see, this designer creates the most magical shoes that dance down the red carpet. But it isn’t the shoes he creates that is the most fascinating about the article. Rather it is the simple observation that has me spellbound:

Not every pumpkin is meant to become a coach.

And now, that’s not to say that it means every little girl can’t have a happily ever after.

No. It means that not every happily ever results in the little girl being a damsel in distress. That sometimes there’s more to the story than finding a man who kisses a corpse that you then can to ride behind him on a white stallion into the sunset.


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