what’s cookin?


On a good day if you asked me if I cooked, I would tell you one of two tales:

  1. The time I attempted eggplant parmesan and had to leave my apartment because I couldn’t see the fellow a foot away from me. It was wretched. I might have snapped at the waitress and refused to look at the menu until after I consumed my first margarita of the evening. (Oh, and in case I forgot a part, no, we did not eat at home that night–did I mention my friend was a FOOT away and I couldn’t see his face?).
  2. The time I evacuated a 200-person building and 2 firetrucks showed up. The RD was mad at me. Not because of my inability to cook, but rather because I didn’t pick up a fireman. Did I mention that I hid in the building next to mine when the trucks showed up? And as I told my RD, what kind of man wants a woman who can evacuate a building when attempting to cook. (And in my defense, NOTHING was burnt that time).

But no. Cooking and I do not get along well. My idea of dinning in is delivery or inviting a friend over to cook. But I have a new apartment. And I have a small, but nice, kitchen. And a roommate who wants to eat in (for reals) a lot.

So I am attempting to cook.

So far things have turned out well. I have made vegan spagetti, tofu curry, and cornbread and chili. And did I mention that was all from scratch? Yes, It’s kinda a big deal.

Now my goal as I continue my job hunt is to continue becoming more of a culinary master. And so I pose this question: who has some good vegan recipes they would like to share? (not vegan? That’s ok. If it’s good, send it anyways. I might be able to make it work)


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