pretty woman


Oh pretty woman

Once hearing that song or seeing the movie, very few women don’t dream
of that moment when they walk down the street as that infamous chorus
echoes in the backdrop, while their hair flutters in the breeze and
their eyes twinkle just right at the slightest glimmer of the sun.

And that’s about the point they roll out of the bed and think, “Dear
God, that’s what I have to deal with today?”

Women have developed a unique relationship with their makeup bags.
Makeup bags become the proverbial Mary Poppin’s Bag filled with
infamous tricks and tips to get them through the day. They have
learned how to nip this, tuck that and minimize those, while adding
just the right amount of color to make their eyes pop.

So when Lancôme looks at their online sales and questions why 68
percent* of their users are not purchasing the product online, it’s
time to start evaluating that relationship.

This information was collected from women across the country and beauty sales associates.

Women stand, on average, 15 minutes a day in front of their mirrors
primping and polishing–using the techniques that were passed on from
mother to mother about the secrets of true beauty. Each woman has
developed a “go to” item that becomes her standby through her early
morning struggles. For some it is that perfect tube of mascara, while
others it is their handy-dandy tube of Chapstick or gloss.
Nonetheless, they each see that item as the little pick-me-up to get
through the day.

Women visit and share with their friends via Facebook and Pinterest.
But when it comes to purchasing their makeup, women would prefer to
make it an in-person experience. They want their individual senses to
experience the product unhindered by a computer screen. They want to
feel the creams as they absorb into their skins and brush the slew of
powders across their wrists.

So as Lancôme explores their online presence, they need to look more
at that individual relationship with each product instead of merely
the product itself. Lancôme has the opportunity to develop a trusting
relationship with women rooted on their desire for that personal
connection and individual definition of beauty. They can create that
in-person experience within a digital atmosphere. Let that be with
live spoken chats with consultants or digital “spa days” using video
conferencing technology.

*This statistic was provided by a Lancôme representative at Macy’s
from a Lancôme conference.

Above is a project assigned by Senior Strategist Virginia Lu at AKQA during my Creative Thinking and Problem Solving class from the summer.


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