playground showdown


This spring, I had the pleasure of taking Game Theory & Level Design. During the class I had the opportunity to explore a lot of things within the game realm from the magic behind WOW to the strength behind Halo to the wisdom behind creating my own levels.

Here is a video of a platforming level I created for class using Unreal Development Kit, including all the objects (!!!)*.

The general gist is the player needs to make it across the playground collecting as many coins as possible in order to pay off the bully at the playground. The player also has the option to defeat the bully to keep his milk money. Through the process, the player must dodge the balls, scale the swing set and explore the other playground equipment while also setting off the playground rockets.

There are a few hiccups, but you get the general gist. After a few more tweeks here or there, it will be ready for Macs and PCs near you!

*This proved to be a pretty big step for me while attempting the game class. After converting my Mac into a PC (if you follow me on FB, you understand 1st hand the slew of frustrations that involved), I had a crash course in 3D. While most of my classmates used Mia to create objects (a program I might like to explore), I was fiddling with Kismet and driving the boys in the lab NUTS. This game is such a huge improvement over my first attempt. Cannot wait to see what I can add to it later.


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