the ecolab man


There is one man who throughout the past year has been very dear to my heart: the ecolab man.

Our friendship began my first month as a graduate assistant (now renamed to senior resident assistant) in the housing office. I was in my office doing Lord knows what, when this man comes to the door. Dressed in blue with some sort of contraption by his side. He quickly defined spectacular.

For those unaware, ecolab kills bugs and critters. And, again, for those unaware, bugs and critters make me cry.

So with his little contraption by his side, he became my favorite vender. As we continued our friendship, I learned he was actually a really nice fellow.

And that whole thing brings us to Friday.

Friday at work, I got a call that the ecolab guy was outside FLW (ok, I realize I am a HORRIBLE friend because I don’t actually remember his name…and after almost a year and a half….it just makes me a jerk to ask).

Now, there are a few things we should remember about Friday: (1) it was HELLA hot, (2) I was dressed up for a phone interview that never happened, (3) so I was then HELLA hot all day.

While chatting with the ecolab guy, we got on the conversation of being dressed up. He says how he loves it because he always feels his best. To which I respond, “Oh no. Not me. Give me a pair of sweats and I feel like I can take on the world.”

He then laughs and says, “wow. It sounds like you are already married!”

To which I respond, “And maybe that’s why I can’t find a man.”

He giggled and said something about how I wasn’t looking, to which I disagreed.

And then the advice came in.

He says, “Find something you enjoy doing, and then do it. Your man will find you there.”

After short reflection, he continues his advice by asking what I like to do. And that, my dear readers, is where I have a problem.

I don’t know what I consistently enjoy doing. It just depends on the day. At the core, I enjoy trying new things, but I just don’t know.

So that has become my new task: discover what I enjoy doing…and perhaps I will even discover a passion.


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