taking over the world: one game at a time


A few weeks ago, my sister commands me to get “Draw Something,” and so I do. I figure it is one of those games she will get me to play and then quickly lose interest in. But she doesn’t.

This game consumes our days, much like it consumes about 20 million users. But what is it about this Pictionary-like game that has captivated smartphone users?

Mashable shared an infographic on the subject (It is way more drawsome on their site…I recommend viewing it there).

Now I want to draw your attention to the last line: the comparison to AOL and Facebook.

It isn’t a secret that Facebook is awesome and it has this magical power over people. And AOL was once the power horse in its shining day, ranking in as one of the top 25 events that shaped the first 25 years of the Internet.

But here we now have a game that grew in popularity exponentially quicker than two of our previous online game changes.

What does this mean? It tells us that not only is technology quickly changing at a pace that is undoubtably going to continue to quicken to unmentionable speeds, but that gaming plays a truly unique role in not only our lives, but how we connect.

Again, not new news.

But what we can look at is ways these new platforms will change how we connect and communicate. It has been discussed before that gaming in general is changing–evolving as our behaviors evolve.

These behaviors are what are instigating social change. People don’t want to connect, they NEED to connect. It’s a proven fact that humans desire a human touch. It’s why we hug when we are sad and happy. It’s why the further folks are away from people, they get depressed.

And now we have the technology creating new connections and new ways for us to communicate.

As these tools enable, we change HOW.

AOL folks did emails and longer conversations. Facebook conversations became shorter and more social. With games, conversations are becoming more playful.

People are now connecting in line at the super market or on the toilet or while laying in bed preparing for sleep.

So what does this mean for advertising? It means we need to alter our communications so our message fits in how people are communicating.

Seems simple enough, right?

But that doesn’t mean we create an app. Folks are deleting their wasteful virtual trash. It means we create quality and concise content that can move and motivate.

We have the opportunity to look at when folks are engaging with brands and connecting with folks, and find ways to mold our message so it directly fits them.

Mass media is evolving and becoming personalized. It’s about time that advertising fit that same mix.


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