back to the basics


For anyone who reads my blog with any consistency, you know very well my INCREDIBLE lack of “luck” with men. You have read the stories of the bananas and the business cards. And who knows WHAT ELSE I have shared with y’all.

So, I am sitting here working on my homework and daydreaming about men (yes, I am THAT girl). And I got to thinking about the men in my life–both the platonic men and the men I would like to be more intimate with.

And then I got to thinking about my siblings’ marriages and those marriages of friends and acquaintances. And there seems to be one very similar characteristic: simplicity. Then I got to thinking, what if that is the true secret to relationships and finding that “special someone.”

Perhaps I am just that girl with her head in the clouds waiting for a white knight and a big shiny sword. It seems easy to look at that and call all those women like me “dreamers.”

But there is truth in it. And yes, I understand that part of that truth could just be where I am in life and where they are. But most of the folks I know who are living their American Dream “Happily Ever After” are doing so with their high school sweetheart, their college romance or a blind date gone right. There aren’t really any “bar stories” or stories that involved this amazing turn of the world encounter or “freak accidents.”

All their stories are tales of “boy meets girl.” That’s all. No fireworks. No butterflies. No horse and sword. And more importantly, no fleeting.

And so they have their basic romance and have a home and a family and are presumably happy.

With that, I guess the only question left to ask is, what’s wrong with the basics?


One Response to “back to the basics”

  1. 1 chronicdatingchronicles

    I like the idea of back to the basics… When did things get so complicated?!
    Glad I found this blog.. will continue to read.

    xoxo 🙂

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