San Francisco


In San Francisco, there are two worlds, two views.

As a visitor or new comer, your eyes are fixated up. You see the magnificant architecture. You see the array of sleek modern skyscrapers among the older Victorian masterpieces. Your view is entirely static. True, you might see the occassional cluster of fog, but really… That just enhances the mystery that is San Francisco.

The top view is easy to fall in love with. It is seemingly flawless and becons of power and grace. In every sense of the phrase, it takes your breath away.

But as you continue down the same beaten path. As you continue your San Franciscan journey, your eyes grow heavier. They yearn for a deeper, truer perception of the mystcal city.

It is then they begin their focus on the hustle and bustle that is San Francisco. It is then they learn what true love is, what it means to be a true San Franciscan.

It is when you smell the stench of the homeless, feel the tremmor of the street car, meet the eyes of the begger that you understand and feel the depths of San Francisco. It is then you begin to comprehend what true love could mean.


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