the forbidden fruit


An apple was once considered the forbidden fruit, but sadly, the banana could have caused the fall of Adam and Eve.

So, I am leaving breakfast with a banana. Why I have the banana is of no importance to the story, but I thought I wanted to eat it. Well, I was walking to the office and this fellow asks if he can have my banana. At this point I have decided that all I really want is the cup of coffee in my other hand and the banana is just weighing me down, so I decide to be nice and give the boy the banana.

Apparently that was my mistake.

The boy was baffled that I was willing to part with my banana. But instead of taking the banana, he turns to his friend and says (and I quote), “Man, she’s easy. I should have asked for some pussy.”

This is the society we live in.

The funny thing: I thought I walked around with “Fuck Off” tattooed across my forehead, but apparently I have “Fuck Me” because that is all boys want to do.

I understand and can appreciate a sexual and physical attraction toward someone. That is basic human instinct, but we have evolved beyond primates.

A monkey can, and probably should, expect a sexual invite with the offer of a banana, but people shouldn’t.

I am at an institute of “higher learning.” People here should have at least obtained some level of high school education and it is assumed that they want to obtain a collegiate education. All of which requires a higher level of thought than that of a monkey.

People can dispute evolution all day, but moments like these reinforce my thoughts that perhaps we truly did evolve from monkeys. Perhaps those primal thoughts are what control our actions.

Maybe our only job on this planet is not to venture toward other opportunities or to make a difference. But maybe our job is to simply multiply and to “do it like the do on the discovery channel” because after all…you and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals.

Sadly, I do not know the answer. Hell, I am still trying to figure out what I should do with the damn banana now taking up space on my desk.

Because apparently you cannot offer to give it away unless you want to first remove your pants.


3 Responses to “the forbidden fruit”

  1. Not to mention you can’t even EAT a freakin’ banana or popsicle or lollipop or hot dog or anything else without hearing snickers and comments. At least from an evolutionary point of view that behavior will die out as long as we refuse to spread our legs for jerks.

  2. 2 befrank86

    So true. Ice cream cones are the worst at eating in public because SOMEONE has a comment to make. There is no “classy” way to eat some of these things.

    And as far as spreading our legs, the only problem now is the girls who are convinced that that type of behavior is appropriate and acceptable.

  1. 1 back to the basics « befrank

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